Creating Raving Fans

Welcome to Episode One of Dream Weaver! This week we are talking all about five star customer service and how that in turn, creates raving fans.


When Meg started her business over a year ago, she knew that one of the biggest things that was going to make her stand out from other business owners was her ability to connect with her clients in a way that was unlike other businesses and to deliver an unparalleled experience. However, in the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey she realized that this was not something other business owners were prioritizing. In conversation she heard fellow entrepreneurs say things like, “Well, I don’t work on weekends,” or “Now, that’s not in our contract.” This isn’t the case for Meg. In Episode One of Dream Weaver, Meg tells us how delivering five star customer service is the thing that took her business to the next level. And what is that one thing she is looking for when she delivers an unparalleled experience? A raving review. Find out how she does it in Episode One.

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Meg Witt