Welcome to Episode 15 of Six Figs! In this episode I am sharing a candid conversation that I had with my sister, Lauren. We sat in her backyard blowup pool, drank margaritas, and talked about what’s it’s like to get paid, to do what you LOVE!

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In Episode 15, my sister Lauren and I talk shop. We both started businesses around the same time and are now, working full time in our businesses, making more money than we ever have. I was hanging out at her house this past weekend and just knew I had to capture out conversation. Enjoy!

In this episode we talk about:

+The best parts about having your own business

+Our core values

+Focusing on income producing activities

+The difference between authentic sales and sleezy sales

+Providing value to your team members

+Lauren’s advice for those looking to find their ONE thing

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Thank you so much for listening!

Meg Witt