The 3 Things You Need to Do NOW if You Want to Make Six Figures

This week I am joined by one of the coolest, most badass and hilarious lady bosses in Cleveland, Julianna Arandesh. She is an extremely successful boudoir photographer that has taken strategic steps to scaling her business to six figures QUICKLY. I’ve known Julianna for a few years now and met her when I was working at the Cleveland Flea. We quickly grew into soul business sisters because we ended up launching our businesses within three months of each other. Not even two years later we have both scaled our businesses to six figures. Earlier this week, while her and I were chatting over coffee, I realized we needed to be recording our conversation so we decided to ditch the coffee shop, get in my car and record a podcast episode together with the mic on my phone. And good god, ladies! This spontaneous episode that was recorded in my car might be my favorite yet. It is PACKED with SO much actionable advice for anyone who is trying to make money at what they love to do. If you are a woman in business struggling to scale to six figures, having trouble booking clients, or struggling with money mindset, please stop what you are doing, and press play right now!

In the episode we cover:

-How Julianna became a successful boudoir photographer

-How investing in a coach helped her to scale quickly to six figures

-What holds women back from hiring a coach

-The fact that 40 inquiries doesn’t mean 40 paying clients

-Squashing the belief that boudoir photography wasn’t going to make her money

-The three things you need to do today if you want to make six figures fast

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