Mindset and Massive Action with Fellow Cleveland Boss Lady, Stephanie Sheldon

On Episode 21 of Six Figs, I’m talking mindset shifting, coaching, massive action, entrepreneurial mentality and more with one of Cleveland’s most audacious lady bosses, Stephanie Sheldon. Stephanie is the founder and CEO of a fast growth startup, The Cleveland Flea. She’s also a certified life coach and focuses on helping visionaries and world changers to thrive financially and creatively in their lives and businesses. Something she talks about a lot is changing your thoughts so if you are someone who struggles with limited thoughts or beliefs, this episode is for you.

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Come hang out at the Creative Conference that the Cleveland Flea is hosting on September 29th. It’s an all day conference that includes lunch. If you snag one of the VIP tickets, you can even take part in a brunch with me. We will be doing a deep dive on all things money of course!

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Meg Witt