Your Dream Client is NOT Annoyed by You!

When you post about your offerings on social do you ever feel like your’re annoying people? Well, my friends, that means you are focusing on the wrong things. Your dream client never gets annoyed at you.

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Do you understand how important your dream client is? Have you determined who your dream client is? If not, you need to listen to this episode of Six Figs. Once you know who your dream client is, you need to use that information in every area of your business.

Notes from the show:

+Creating your dream client is not just a journal exercise to say “check! I did that entrepreneurial thing.”

+It’s important to remember, that the person we are speaking to, is the person that’s going to purchase from us. That is the only thing we should be focusing on.”

-If we are focused on being annoying to people,  we are focused on the wrong people

+A lot of people do sales wrong just by the fact that they are selling to the wrong people. 

+When you are speaking to the right person, they are not annoyed. They love what you have to sell. 

+Think about the brands you follow. Do you get annoyed when they post content? When they post about a new product or service, do you get annoyed? When they post a new podcast episode, are you annoyed? When you post a new blog post, do you get annoyed? NO. BECAUSE YOU ARE THEIR DREAM CLIENT.

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Meg Witt