Your Talent Isn't Enough

Do you think that your talent and passion are enough to take you on the path of becoming a successful business owner? Well-sorry, it’s not true. Talent and passion are only two out of the seven building blocks in creating a successful business. In Episode Three, Meg tells you all about them.


Today on Dream Weaver, Meg is going to tell you all about the seven most important pillars of building a successful business. What are those pillars? Well sure, it starts with talent and passion, but it doesn’t stop there. When building a business you must also focus on follow through, incredible delivery, enthusiasm, the ability to make people feel and committed organization. Meg speaks to each of these. Stay for the whole episode because at the end, Meg answers some questions that the producer of this podcast had. Do you have questions to ask Meg? Send them over to and we will try our best to answer them in a future episode.

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Meg Witt