You're Worth a Million

Welcome back to the podcast! We are in the of a transition of a re-brand. Dream Weaver was perfect for Upspeak 1.0 but isn’t quite clear enough for Upspeak 2.0. Now, we bring you Six Figs, a podcast that strives to help women earn six figures on their own.


This episode is based off of some slides that I put up on my IG stories about how to decide how much to charge for your services. It got tons of attention. People were asking me all sorts of questions so I decided that we needed to have this conversation on the podcast. Moving forward, as you may have noticed from the rebrand, the content of this podcast is going to be based on women making six figures on our own terms. I want to de-stigmatize the conversation around money. We are all capable of changing our money stories and making six figures so let’s do it honeys!

This week we are talking all about pricing. How do I price my services? This is a question I get all of the time from clients and followers on Instagram. Often, we are starting in the wrong place. A lot of new business owners are asking, “What are others charging for this service?” Or they make assumptions. “Can people actually afford this?” These are not the questions that you want to ask yourself when pricing your services. There is sooooo much that goes into the equation. Tune into Episode 7 of Dream Weaver to learn how to work through this process.

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Meg Witt