How Do You Know When it is Time to Invest Strategically in your Biz?

Helloooooo money makers! Welcome to Episode 22 of Six Figs!!! This week we are talking all about when it is time to invest in your business. We are going to talk about how to do it strategically and if you need to borrow money to make that investment, how you should go about doing it. If you have been thinking about investing in a coaching program, mastermind, or even the possibility of hiring someone, this episode is for you. Let’s go!

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I’m going to get into some real talk here. Okay. So, I just made a huge investment into my business in the past month. I decided to join a mastermind. I decided that it was time to do something to up-level my business. It’s important that I keep learning new skills to implement in my business in order for me to grow my business, and make more money. The mastermind that I chose to do was $10,000. Here’s where it’s time for me to be honest. I didn’t have $10,000. So what did I do???

Well, from the very beginning of my business, I chose to never borrow money, use credit cards or do anything that would result in debt. I bootstrapped by business. I didn’t pay for photoshoots with a credit card. I didn’t have anyone else investing in my business. It was all me.

For the first year and a half of owning my business, this was completely true. Recently however, I realized I needed to invest in something that would take my business to the next level. That investment was Rick Mulready’s Accelerator Mastermind. It is a mastermind that teaches you all about automated Facebook marketing. This is a piece of my business that I have been struggling with for a long time. I have a huge mental block when it comes to Facebook marketing. Sure, I am marketing my business every single day. But it’s all manual. I realized that I needed to change that to make my business more sustainable. So, I decided Rick Mulready’s program was right for me.

Here’s the thing-the price tag was $10,000. To be completely honest, I didn’t have $10,000 lying around so I had to find another way to pay for this program. That’s when I decided to ask my dad for a loan.

Yes, I know I said that I’ve never borrowed money for my business and I don’t use credit cards. However, I do believe it can be extremely beneficial if you do it in a strategic way. So, in Episode 22 of Six Figs, I’m here to talk to you about how you can invest strategically, in order to take your business to the next level.

Here are the main takeaways from the episode:

  • Is this thing that I am going to invest in going to make me money, or does it have a high potential to help me make more money faster? 

    • This is also comes into play when you are thinking about hiring someone. Investing in a part time contractor will give you back your time which will then help you do other things that will make you more money.

  • Something else that you may want to think about when you borrow money for a strategic investment is, “What am I going to have to sell in order to pay back what is owed?” For my own business, I’ll have to sell either two spots of my upcoming mastermind, the Profit Project, or about 10-15 Deep Dive sessions.

    • Weigh it with your potential to pay it back.

  • What should you not invest in when you’re first starting out in your business?

    • Anything that isn’t help, education or coaching. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on your website, business cards, branded stickers, etc right away. Anything to do with branding is something you can learn how to do on your own initially until you get to a point in your business where it makes sense to spend money on those things.

  • Think to yourself, “Am I just investing in these things because I want this stuff and because it excites me? Or is this something that is going to make me more money?”

  • Spending money on yourself and spending money on your business is not a luxury. It’s a necessity to the growth of your business.

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Creating a Schedule that LIGHTS YOU UP!

A few weeks ago we posted on Instagram, asking for episode topics. My sister actually chimed in and asked for tips on how to create work/life balance. So, that’s what we are diving into this week on the podcast. Tune in to hear about what it took for me to create a schedule that lights me up, and how you can do it too.

During my first year of business I was HUSTLING. I was always working on weekends, I never said no to a project, and I often worked 12+ hour days. It wasn’t until quite recent that I began to slow down. I do believe that as a new entrepreneur, being open to this type of schedule can be beneficial, but it’s not sustainable long term. Now, as I head into Q4, I have found a way to work 4 days a week. JAW ROP. Yes, my friends, and it is possible for you too! In this episode I am going to walk you through the process of how I got to create the schedule that lights me up, and how you can too.

My personality definitely lends itself to being super driven and finding a lot of fulfillment in projects to the point where if I go through slower periods, I tend to create work for myself rather than just enjoy the peace that comes with a slower season. But for whatever reason, 2019 has brought with it a huge desire for me to have downtime, like lots of downtime. I have to say that I'm working less right now than ever and I think the path to that has been me letting go of everything that is not either profit producing, or something that I'm really excited to do.

So, how did I get there? I actually made a list of everything that was taking up my time and energy that wasn't directly related to me making money or that I didn't like. I gave all of that stuff away. I hired independent contractors to help me with my schedule, design websites for my clients, and even take over photoshoots.

Are you in a state of overwhelm when it comes to your schedule? Perhaps it because you’re not paying attention. Maybe you started your business, got into the daily grind of it, and then realized months later, that you don’t actually like your job description. Don’t let this happen, and if it already has, start to pay attention. Start to look ahead, and think to yourself about what you want to be in active creation of.

What boundaries do you want to create now, that will serve you next month? That process of looking ahead can be huge for you in creating work life balance and getting back some of your free time. So instead of just putting your head down, getting comfortable in the everyday grind of your business, take a step back and look ahead. You are allowed to let other people be in the day to day.

Okay, friends. It’s time for you to create this for yourself. Here is a journal exercise I want you to do:

  • Write down how you are spending your time, each and everyday.

  • Think about that, and write down how it makes you feel.

  • Then, make a decision on how you would like to be spending your time.

  • Create that for yourself for the next quarter, practice it, and then tweak it as needed!

Now remember ladies, some people might become annoyed when you start to create these boundaries. This is where you need to pause, and put your blinders on. That's okay. They can find someone else. Your people will get it, they'll respect it and they'll wait for you. They will work with you when you're ready and on the days when you've said you can.

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Communication in Business with My Favorite Client, and Soul Sister, Diana Vitantonio

This woman is on fire you guys! Diana Vitantonio is so good at sharing her truth, and standing in her truth, so I HAD to have her on the podcast to talk all about how to communicate well in a business relationship. We talk about how we make our relationship work, being willing to be seen through the messiness with each other, and the deep personal work that needs to be done to be in a business relationship with another person. You don’t want to miss this episode with my favorite client, and SOUL sister, Diana.


I feel like we have been talking deeply about how to be a better human on our entrepreneurial journey here on the podcast. This week we delve a little deeper into that. After working with Diana for almost two years, we both have learned A LOT about what it is like to be in a business relationship. The fact that we are friends and have known each other for a very long time, adds a whole new layer to that dynamic. When you tune into this episode I want you to listen closely. Diana shares so much wisdom, and she shares openly. She believes that doing the hard work on relationships is the deep spiritual work that she needs to delve into in this lifetime. That’s why I knew it was so important to talk to her about this. So if you’re struggling at a relationship within your business, this is the episode to listen to. Listen closely. Listen with intention, and take notes.

Topics we cover in Episode 17 include:

  • How do we make our business relationship work

  • What we have taught each other from two years of working together

    • Diana taught me how to be in a committed relationship with a client

  • The willingness to let each other see our messiness

  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable (AKA sitting in the dirty diaper)

  • What prior business relationships have taught Diana about what she needs in a relationship

  • Not allowing your wounded child archetype come through in business

  • How to communicate something hard

How to connect with Diana:

Connect with me:

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Meg Witt
BONUS EPISODE | Brush it Off, and Walk the F*** Away

How do you deal with conflict between yourself and clients, employees, or colleagues? In this bonus episode, I’m talking to talk to you about how to communicate boundaries with those that aren’t treating you well, and when it is time to walk the fuck away.

When you start dealing with more people in your business, you will run into more conflict. You’re a human dealing with humans. Maybe you are a difficult person to work with, but take a look at the people around you. Are you a larger business that works with a lot of independent contractors? Do you have a full team that you works with? Are you working with people that aren’t for you? If conflict is happening often, take a look at these areas.

When you are in conflict, and you’ve taken a look at those areas, get into clear communication quickly. Phone or in-person is the best form of communication in my opinion. Text or email is not as effective. Talking to someone in person, or over the phone has so much more impact.

When you are ready to approach the situation with the person you are in conflict with, follow these guidelines:

  • Be clear

  • Be professional

  • State the facts

  • Communicate the boundaries

  • Enforce those boundaries.

If you do those things, and it spirals out of control, meaning if the other person responds unprofessionally without clarity, it’s time to let it go. Brush off your shoulders and walk the f*** away!

Doing the work of clear communication with someone you are in conflict with is what it takes to be a badass boss. This is what separates the girls from the women.

Again I will say, communicate the boundaries and then ENFORCE the boundaries.

Remember this quote from the ever inspiring and powerful, Maya Angelou, “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

When you are in the constant reiteration of your boundaries with someone, walk away. Enough is enough. You should not have to work that hard to be in a relationship with another human being. We are badass bosses who are up to badass things and we do NOT have time to get down in the mud with people who aren’t

Here is a tool that you can take with you today:

  • One thing that I ask myself when I am in an emotional state with someone else who is treating me poorly is, “How will I feel in twelve months' time?” “How will I look back on this?” “Will I care?” Oftentimes, that takes me into a space of letting it go. 

  • Another question I ask myself is, “How can I reframe the narrative of this situation so that it feels more powerful to me?”

    • An example: When someone is being awful to me, I say to myself, “I am choosing to let go of something that doesn’t feel good to me.” Reframe the situation and create some language that supports you letting go and moving forward.

“Think of your emotional landscape as your resource that you have to direct towards profit-producing activities, growth mindset, joy, peace, and love. Anything that doesn’t fit into that realm, does not deserve your time an attention.” 

However, when you do start to spiral, call up your coach, or someone that knows you well, and say to them “Are these things true about me?” Analyze them out loud with a person who can coach you through it, and then move forward. If there is any feedback that is coming from a negative relationship, don’t do that work with that person. Take that work and carry it to someone safe, and in that safe space, analyze it. 

My coach told me this week, “It is enough of a reason to let someone go, if you just don’t think it’s working.” THAT IS ENOUGH! You do not need more of an explanation. You don’t even need to have a reason. If you feel like it’s not a fit, then its not a fit! It is very similar to dating. Would you spend time trying to prove that a romantic relationship is not working? No- you would end it!

Enough is enough, okay?

Take these tools, and practice them. Stand up for yourself and stand up for your emotional wellbeing. Enforce your boundaries.

And remember, I have your back.

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Stepping Stones of the Sales Process

Hey there money makers! It’s Wednesday and we are back with another episode of Six Figs. This week I am talking all about the sales process. When do you follow up? How often do you follow up? How do you make sure you are not pressuring the person you are selling to? I talk about all of this, in Episode 14. Let’s go!


Okay, ladies. Let’s get that sales process going. When you have a sales call, are you waiting for the person to follow up with you? Are you expecting the money to end up in your bank account right when the person says they’re interested? No, no. This is a process. We are collecting the crumbs along the way from the moment they say they’re interested, to the moment the money is in your bank account. So, what are all of those crumbs? What are the stepping stones in between?

Step One:

  • Initial consultation. This might be in the form of:

    • An Instagram DM

    • An email conversation

    • Clarity call

    • Talking at the grocery store

Step Two:

  • Immediate follow up (within 12 hours at least)

    • Recap any information that you talked about with the potential client.

    • Share any links that you said you would share with them.

    • Offer them next steps to work with you.

    • All of the information for next steps and how to purchase should be there in the email. Make it easy for them so they don’t have to take any other steps towards the purchase.

Step Three:

  • If they haven’t responded there should be a three day follow up

    • Say something like, “Hey, I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and make sure that you got my email. Let me know if you have any questions.”

    • Gentle tap

Step Four:

  • If they haven’t made a commitment yet, let another week go by

    • Loop back after seven days

Step Five:

  • Still no purchase? Let 30-90 days go by

If no commitment has been made at this point, shelf it. At this point specify in your client pipeline, that they have been moved through the process, and are not ready to purchase yet. During all of this don’t make the person feel pressured to buy from you. If they express that they aren’t ready yet or need more time, listen to that.

Biggest takeaway: Don’t feel like you are annoying your dream client when you follow up with them. It is your job to shepherd them through this process. However, if they clearly state that they are not interested, or they tell you they will check in with you in a few months, listen. Most importantly, listen to your dream client. Take in the messages that they are sending to you, whether that message is that they are ready to hand you money, or that they need more time.

That’s all for this week honey bees! Next time you are in the sales process, implement these steps. And afterwards, tell me how it went!

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