Big Emotions and How to Handle Them

When was the last time you were in conflict with someone? How did you react? How did you approach the conversation? That’s what we are talking about in Episode Eleven.

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As a business owner and audacious money maker, you are going to come across conflict and big, messy emotions. How do you handle it? What is the best way to approach the situation with colleagues, friends, clients and loved ones? Find out on Episode 11 of Six Figs.

There are so many emotions that we go through in life and in business. These include and of course are not limited to, jealousy, comparison, sadness, anger, etc. Often we perceive these big emotions as an attack. We feel frightened by these emotions. Then, in result we lash out, we get defensive, we build walls and we fight back.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Think back to a time recently where you had conflict with someone in someway. How did you react? Were you in the ‘attack back’ category or in the hiding, avoiding category?

When thinking about this, remember that you are human. We are programmed to do either one of these two things. When we sit with something messy and complicated, we are fighting against this programming and it’s really hard!

When we look at the people that are good at sitting with these emotions,who are good at interpersonal communication, what do they do?

+They invite the conversation

+They pursue the conversation

+They have the conversation

They don’t have this conversation in an aggressive way. They create a loving space so that the other person feels comfortable sharing how they feel. 

When you approach a situation like this, remember these three steps:




-not being defensive in that space that you created as you are listening

-resisting the urge to attack back

-taking a deep breath when people are saying difficult things for you to hear

-you’re dropping your agenda


+When it is your time to share, you can and should your truth, with love.

+The next step that is very critical is owning your shit. Sometimes this may involve an apology. 

+Once you’ve both shared your truth in that loving way, you want to find a way forward. 

-What do you want the outcome to be? Forgiveness? Continuing the relationship but maybe in a different way? Don’t go in with an agenda, but with a desire for an outcome that’s loving. 

-This doesn’t mean the outcome will happen or the other person even wants it to happen. But it is okay for you to create a way for it to happen. 

When approaching big emotions with a friend, client, colleague or loved one, make the choice to create a loving space for the conversation. Allow that person to share what they are feeling, then make the decision of how to move forward. One big part about having a healthy relationship is when you both create space for the other person to safely share their emotions.

Do you have any thoughts on this topic that I didn’t cover in the episode? Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram. The conversation doesn’t stop here!

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Thanks for listening money honeys!

Meg Witt