Communication in Business with My Favorite Client, and Soul Sister, Diana Vitantonio

This woman is on fire you guys! Diana Vitantonio is so good at sharing her truth, and standing in her truth, so I HAD to have her on the podcast to talk all about how to communicate well in a business relationship. We talk about how we make our relationship work, being willing to be seen through the messiness with each other, and the deep personal work that needs to be done to be in a business relationship with another person. You don’t want to miss this episode with my favorite client, and SOUL sister, Diana.


I feel like we have been talking deeply about how to be a better human on our entrepreneurial journey here on the podcast. This week we delve a little deeper into that. After working with Diana for almost two years, we both have learned A LOT about what it is like to be in a business relationship. The fact that we are friends and have known each other for a very long time, adds a whole new layer to that dynamic. When you tune into this episode I want you to listen closely. Diana shares so much wisdom, and she shares openly. She believes that doing the hard work on relationships is the deep spiritual work that she needs to delve into in this lifetime. That’s why I knew it was so important to talk to her about this. So if you’re struggling at a relationship within your business, this is the episode to listen to. Listen closely. Listen with intention, and take notes.

Topics we cover in Episode 17 include:

  • How do we make our business relationship work

  • What we have taught each other from two years of working together

    • Diana taught me how to be in a committed relationship with a client

  • The willingness to let each other see our messiness

  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable (AKA sitting in the dirty diaper)

  • What prior business relationships have taught Diana about what she needs in a relationship

  • Not allowing your wounded child archetype come through in business

  • How to communicate something hard

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Meg Witt