Creating a Schedule that LIGHTS YOU UP!

A few weeks ago we posted on Instagram, asking for episode topics. My sister actually chimed in and asked for tips on how to create work/life balance. So, that’s what we are diving into this week on the podcast. Tune in to hear about what it took for me to create a schedule that lights me up, and how you can do it too.

During my first year of business I was HUSTLING. I was always working on weekends, I never said no to a project, and I often worked 12+ hour days. It wasn’t until quite recent that I began to slow down. I do believe that as a new entrepreneur, being open to this type of schedule can be beneficial, but it’s not sustainable long term. Now, as I head into Q4, I have found a way to work 4 days a week. JAW ROP. Yes, my friends, and it is possible for you too! In this episode I am going to walk you through the process of how I got to create the schedule that lights me up, and how you can too.

My personality definitely lends itself to being super driven and finding a lot of fulfillment in projects to the point where if I go through slower periods, I tend to create work for myself rather than just enjoy the peace that comes with a slower season. But for whatever reason, 2019 has brought with it a huge desire for me to have downtime, like lots of downtime. I have to say that I'm working less right now than ever and I think the path to that has been me letting go of everything that is not either profit producing, or something that I'm really excited to do.

So, how did I get there? I actually made a list of everything that was taking up my time and energy that wasn't directly related to me making money or that I didn't like. I gave all of that stuff away. I hired independent contractors to help me with my schedule, design websites for my clients, and even take over photoshoots.

Are you in a state of overwhelm when it comes to your schedule? Perhaps it because you’re not paying attention. Maybe you started your business, got into the daily grind of it, and then realized months later, that you don’t actually like your job description. Don’t let this happen, and if it already has, start to pay attention. Start to look ahead, and think to yourself about what you want to be in active creation of.

What boundaries do you want to create now, that will serve you next month? That process of looking ahead can be huge for you in creating work life balance and getting back some of your free time. So instead of just putting your head down, getting comfortable in the everyday grind of your business, take a step back and look ahead. You are allowed to let other people be in the day to day.

Okay, friends. It’s time for you to create this for yourself. Here is a journal exercise I want you to do:

  • Write down how you are spending your time, each and everyday.

  • Think about that, and write down how it makes you feel.

  • Then, make a decision on how you would like to be spending your time.

  • Create that for yourself for the next quarter, practice it, and then tweak it as needed!

Now remember ladies, some people might become annoyed when you start to create these boundaries. This is where you need to pause, and put your blinders on. That's okay. They can find someone else. Your people will get it, they'll respect it and they'll wait for you. They will work with you when you're ready and on the days when you've said you can.

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Meg Witt