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When Meg started her business over a year ago, she knew that one of the biggest things that was going to make her stand out from other business owners was her ability to connect with her clients in a way that was unlike other businesses and to deliver an unparalleled experience. However, in the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey she realized that this was not something other business owners were prioritizing. In conversation she heard fellow entrepreneurs say things like, “Well, I don’t work on weekends,” or “Now, that’s not in our contract.” This isn’t the case for Meg. In Episode One of Dream Weaver, Meg tells us how delivering five star customer service is the thing that took her business to the next level. And what is that one thing she is looking for when she delivers an unparalleled experience? A raving review. Find out how she does it in Episode One.

Key takeaways:

“If you just deliver, they are going to be satisfied. If you deliver above and beyond, they are going to be thriled.So what does this level of customer service look like?

First, “Once you take their credit card, that’s the moment that you can add value and assure them that the purchase they’re making is a good one.” Respond with an email telling them how excited you are to get started. Make them feel seen and heard in the moment that they are most vulnerable.

Second, realize that the initial consultation isn’t just about getting all of the facts that you need to move forward, it is about establishing trust and communication. This comes in the form of listening and mirroring the person’s behavior. Remember- “You listen and you pay attention so you can deliver in a way that will feel meaningful for that individual. You cannot have a business and a communication style that is one size fits all.”

Never, let there be any radio silence throughout the entire course of working with them. This can be a time when the client can begin to feel unsure or dissatisfied. How do you combat these feelings? Check in Send them an email outling what you’ve done, where you’re at and what’s coming next.

Then, “Gather that feedback at the end, and then action on it. Gather more feedback, action on it. Tie up every loose end, package it all up, and put a bow on it, so that lingering feedback, concerns, frustrations, or any negative emotions don’t follow through the end of a project.” When you are approaching the end of a project, try to gather as much feedback as possible before the project draws to a close. Create a process to gather information from the client.

Wrap it up. After you complete a project follow up with a hand written note. Don’t forget about them. Even after time has passed, keep checking up on them. “Continue to let them know how much you appreciate their business, and not just your business, but them.

Satisfied client? Have a system in place to gather their positive feedback for a review. Create a quiz that is easy and quick for them to complete.


  • Delivery does not equal customer service. “People will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”

  • What you are going for is a client who can’t stop talking about you. You are not just going for delivery, you are going for a raving fan.

  • “I believe really firmly in creating a 5 star experience that would get me a 5 star review at the end…Each of those 5 star reviews is truly worth thousands in terms of the revenue that it has the possibility of delivering for me.”

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