Just Jump, Girl

In Episode 5 of Dream Weaver, Meg demystifies the idea that there is a “blueprint” for taking the leap. There is no blueprint. There are no special powers. The people who take the leap are no different than you. They are simply pushed into it, or internally pulled. Tune in to find out what that looked like for Meg, and why she thinks it is possible for you too.

You hear about it all of the time in all of the podcasts that you listen to and every blog post that you read. Everyone on Instagram seems to be talking about this whole concept of JUMPING. Jumping where? Most of the time, they are referring to all of the dreams and possibilities of where you can go in your life, and needing to make the decision to jump into those things. Maybe you’re at a job you hate. Or maybe you are doing something that is in alignment with what you want to do, but there are still some big jumps that you need to take in order to get there. How do you do it?

There is no blueprint. Meg says, “Either way it involves mustering up all of your courage, shoving fear out of the way as much as you can, to jump…Here’s the thing-the fear never goes away right? So in a way, it’s about embracing the fear, and jumping anyway.”

We all wish there was an easy solution that would make it so we don’t have to jump. But you have to realize, there is no way around it. “If you’re gonna go from doing something mediocre to something amazing, it will involve you standing at the precipice, looking down, feeling your stomach flip, and then making the choice, despite it all, to jump.”

Here is what that looked like for Meg:

  • Meg went to business school, but she never fully had the conscious idea that she would ever want to start a business.

    • She had managed other people businesses for quite a while, but it took her a very long time to get comfortable with the idea of starting and running her own small business, primarily because she didn’t know what she wanted it to be.

    • She was a yoga teacher, photographer, she had a business degree, tons of retail management, and she loved creative writing. But how could she make a business out of all of that?

  • Whenever she would think of starting her own business, she always ended up making it into something that was really complicated. She would need a loan. She would need to hire a team. It needs to be a brick and mortar. At the time, this was the excuse she used to not make a move.

    • That is, until one day, hating the job she was in, her boyfriend, (now husband) Charlie, said, “Honey, why don’t we just make a list of everything you’re good at, everything you love and everything you’re aesthetically drawn to. Just list it all out and see if you can make a business out of it.” That’s what they did, and it ended up culminating into what is now, The Upspeak Collective.

Once that was decided, what steps did Meg take next?

  • Over the course of a weekend, she decided she was going to put all of that on a Squarespace website and tell everyone that she had a business.

  • She named her business Flourish Cleveland.

  • She did not file for an LLC right away.

  • She branded herself with the fonts and colors that she liked.

  • She set up her Facebook business page and Instagram business page.

  • She decided on her services.

The first offering Meg sold was a workshop on vision and goal setting. That was in her first full month of business and it sold out. In that first month she made $280.

In her second month she did exponentially better, and in her third month, she was able to quit her day job, i.e. TAKE THE LEAP. Meg knows that this moment happens for everyone at different times. She also knows that for most of us, it feels quite similar. It’s scary. It’s risky. There are no guarantees. And guess what? This is where some people get stuck. “The thing that differentiates those of us who have the dreams and actually step into action is really nothing other than accepting the risk, accepting the fear, and doing it anyway.”

Tune into Episode 5 for more wisdom from Meg, the host of Dream Weaver.

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Meg Witt