Stepping Stones of the Sales Process

Hey there money makers! It’s Wednesday and we are back with another episode of Six Figs. This week I am talking all about the sales process. When do you follow up? How often do you follow up? How do you make sure you are not pressuring the person you are selling to? I talk about all of this, in Episode 14. Let’s go!


Okay, ladies. Let’s get that sales process going. When you have a sales call, are you waiting for the person to follow up with you? Are you expecting the money to end up in your bank account right when the person says they’re interested? No, no. This is a process. We are collecting the crumbs along the way from the moment they say they’re interested, to the moment the money is in your bank account. So, what are all of those crumbs? What are the stepping stones in between?

Step One:

  • Initial consultation. This might be in the form of:

    • An Instagram DM

    • An email conversation

    • Clarity call

    • Talking at the grocery store

Step Two:

  • Immediate follow up (within 12 hours at least)

    • Recap any information that you talked about with the potential client.

    • Share any links that you said you would share with them.

    • Offer them next steps to work with you.

    • All of the information for next steps and how to purchase should be there in the email. Make it easy for them so they don’t have to take any other steps towards the purchase.

Step Three:

  • If they haven’t responded there should be a three day follow up

    • Say something like, “Hey, I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and make sure that you got my email. Let me know if you have any questions.”

    • Gentle tap

Step Four:

  • If they haven’t made a commitment yet, let another week go by

    • Loop back after seven days

Step Five:

  • Still no purchase? Let 30-90 days go by

If no commitment has been made at this point, shelf it. At this point specify in your client pipeline, that they have been moved through the process, and are not ready to purchase yet. During all of this don’t make the person feel pressured to buy from you. If they express that they aren’t ready yet or need more time, listen to that.

Biggest takeaway: Don’t feel like you are annoying your dream client when you follow up with them. It is your job to shepherd them through this process. However, if they clearly state that they are not interested, or they tell you they will check in with you in a few months, listen. Most importantly, listen to your dream client. Take in the messages that they are sending to you, whether that message is that they are ready to hand you money, or that they need more time.

That’s all for this week honey bees! Next time you are in the sales process, implement these steps. And afterwards, tell me how it went!

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Meg Witt