Structure to Scale with Marisa Vitoria, Founder of Virtual Zen

Hey Dream Weavers! Welcome to Episode 2 where host, Meg Witt talks all about the structure to scale in your business with the founder of Virtual Zen, Marisa Vitoria


Marisa Vitoria is the founder of Virtual Zen. And no, she’s not a virtual assistant. She coins herself as an online business partner and brings balance to creative small service based businesses. In Episode 2 of Dream Weaver, Meg talks to Marisa all about the difference between a virtual assistant and an online business partner, how an online business partner can help you scale your business and when it’s the right time to hire. Marisa says, “It’s finding the perfect window of knowing, okay I’ve come to a place where I’m ready to scale, I’m ready to change the way I work. How do I do that and who’s going to help me?”

Marisa also discusses what makes working with an entrepreneur so different. As mentioned in Episode 2, “Nothing is black and white with working with an entrepreneur. It’s a very colorful space and you have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Tune in to learn more about the importance of implementing systems, the importance of being an adaptable entrepreneur and more.

Notes from the show:

  • Marisa is not a virtual assistant. She coins her self as an online business owner. So what’s the difference?

    • A virtual assistant is an executor. They are good at managing executions of tasks and systems that have already been put in place.

    • An online business partner is all about systems and strategy. As an online business partner Marisa works in the back end at looking at the holistic picture and how she can help create systems and utilize tools and platforms to to make customer experiences great so that business owners can then in turn scale.

  • Marisa gets this questions a lot, “You work for a lot of different small businesses in a lot of different fields. How do you do that? How is that managed?”

    • She notes that at the end of the day every single small business owner that she works with have the same challenges.

  • Meg and Marisa talk a lot about what makes working with an entrepreneur so special. Marisa emphasizes how important it is to be flexible and adaptable when working for an entrepreneur. “I think to work with entrepreneurs and for it to be successful is to be resilient, be able to remold yourself and I think you'll be successful.”

  • Meg reiterates that you are probably going to stretch your boundaries when you are first starting out as a business owner. “There’s not a way you can do, in my opinion, entrepreneurship successfully in a clock in, clock out kind of way.”

  • When is it a good time to scale? Marisa says, “Unless you are ready to change the way you work, our relationship will not work. Secondly, you have to also be willing to stretch in your uncomfortable feeling and the ambiguity of learning tools and systems and being open to doing things differently than you did previously. That way you can change and grow. That’s how you’ll be most successful. “

  • At some point it is going to be important to start implementing systems like Asana and Calendly but when you are first starting out it is okay to use the free stuff and see what works.

  • The challenge all entrepreneurs face of “I’m working in my business not on it.”

    • Meg and Marisa talk a lot about how finding the people that are experts at what they do can help you scale and bring you to a point where you can work on your business, not only in it.

    • Marisa says, “It;s identifying those experts and being willing to pay for them.”

  • Meg refers back to a previous conversation that her and Marisa had where they spoke about the value of what Marisa brings to Upspeak. Meg said, “You gave me my time back. You gave me freedom to enjoy my business again.”

  • Meg tells us about a time when one of her clients asked her what she spent the most time on. The answer? Spreadsheets. The conclusion? Spreadsheets are sexy!


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