The Five Reasons Your Stuff Isn't Stuffing

So you just started your business and you’re so excited! But…your services or products just aren’t selling. Why is this?

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I’ve come up with five reasons as to why your stuff isn’t selling and I tell you all about them in Episode Ten of Six Figs Podcast. Tune in to find out what they are, and why they’re all so important to consider.

So what are those reasons?

  1. Your service or product just isn’t good enough yet.

    +Maybe your branding isn’t as good as others?

    +Maybe the product itself isn’t as good. Its not as developed or cohesive.

    +You have to be 100% committed to getting better and better everyday.

  2. No one knows about it.

    +You’re not doing a great job at marketing.

    +You’re not sharing enough.

    +You’re not sharing in the right places.

    +You’re not sharing in the right ways.

  3. People don’t get it.

    +You’re not being clear about how people get it and why they need to get it.

  4. It’s too hard to buy.

    +People don’t know where to purchase, where to click, etc.

    +Do you have a Linktree set up?

    +Are your links broken?

  5. You’re hard to work with.

    +Maybe our clients find you too challenging to communicate with.

    +Maybe we aren’t good at handling other people’s emotions.

    All five of these things are evidence that a person is or isn’t good at sales. Are you someone who can look at this list and consider, “Where is my opportunity? Where can I improve upon?” Once you decide that, come up with a plan over the next 90 days to practice in these areas. Dig in. Get honest. Do the work.

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Meg Witt