The Three I's to Keeping Your Instagram Stories LIT!

Are you spending time on your Instagram stories? No? Think again. Instagram stories have been my primary source of marketing and sales over the past 18 months. In this episode of Six Figs I am telling you why it’s so important to be active on Instagram stories and how you can do it too. Find how how to utilize the 3 I’s in your Instagram stories in order to increase sales today on Episode 12 of Six Figs.

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If you aren’t using Instagram stories to sell, hopefully this episode will change your mind. Why? One reason is because it’s free and who doesn’t like free stuff? Second, you can learn to do it quickly. Third? It’s one of the best ways to reach your dream clients.

Before you go post on your stories, remember that not just anything you post is going to make you those sales. If you are posting too many adds and not enough how-to videos, then you aren’t going to come across as the expert. If you are posting too many inspirational quotes, no one is going to know what you sell. That is why the three i’s are so important and you must have ALL three present at all times in your Instagram stories.

So what are the three i’s?

  • Inspiration

  • Information

  • Invitation

How do you share the three i’s?

  • Video

  • Beautiful photos

  • Stickers (i.e. question boxes or polls)

  • Gifs

  • Advertisements created with Canva, Word Swag or Over

Why Inspiration?

You want to be able to connect with your dream client. This is how you make people feel, and also become more relatable to your followers. You do this through:

  • Inspirational quotes. This can be something you’ve said or something that someone you follow has said.

  • Sharing the inspiration that you find from fellow Instagram users, i.e. reposting.

  • Vulnerable stories about yourself.

    • A story about where you were and where you are now

    • A story of overcoming

  • The options are endless!

Why Information?

You need to share your intel to gain trust from your followers and showcase your expertise! You can do this through:

  • Tips

  • Tricks

  • Tutorials

Why Invitation?

This is your call to action and your advertisements. Invite your followers to take action on what you are offering!

  • Directing followers to your email newsletter

  • Giving a discount to the first three followers that respond

  • Creating ads for the service or product that you offer

Now that you know what the three i’s are, it’s time to use them money makers! Just for listening to the podcast today, I’m giving you the FREE IG Live to Thrive Challenge. It’s the perfect way to start using the three i’s. Click here for the PDF that will guide you through the challenge and give you prompts for how you can utilize the I’s.

That’s all for now money honeys! I can’t wait to talk to you again next week. In the meantime, follow along with us on Instagram.

Meg Witt