What it's like to be in a relationship with an entrepreneur

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Meg and Charlie explore the highs, the lows, and everything in between, of what it is like to be married to an entrepreneur. They talk about how they compliment each other, how Charlie was a big piece of the puzzle in Meg starting her business, and finding legitimacy in yourself and in your business.

Notes from the show:

  • What the Upspeak Collective is in the scheme of Charlie's life. Does he feel a stake in it?

    • It does financially power their lives so in that sense it does have a stake in their quality of life.

    • Meg will go to him when she is making a decision. In a way he will act as an advisor for her to bounce ideas off of.

  • They discuss how essentially they do the same thing in their work. Charlie just does it in a corporate setting.

  • What it’s like working from home with your spouse.

  • How Charlie is a huge piece of the puzzle in terms of why and how she left her last job and started her business.

  • One of the reasons they are so good together is because Charlie is a planner and Meg is a doer.

  • How women use the excuse that their spouces aren’t on board with their business endeavors is actually just fear. Sometimes this might be true and sometimes it not. It is very contextual.

    • Women need to learn to say no and own their no rather than blaming it on their partner.

      • Women need to prove that they can make good investment decisions.

      • Understanding how to do a cost/risk/benefit analysis and sitting down with your spouse and doing that with them

  • Meg has learned that she really wants to help her clients feel a sense of legitimacy. Maybe they aren’t getting that from their partner so they go to Meg for validation.  But Meg helps them realize that you’re partner can never give that to you. Legitimacy is something you have to give yourself.

    • You give yourself that legitimacy through doing. Through actions that work.

  • The best part of having a wife that is a business owner.

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