Your Talent Isn't Enough

Do you think that your talent and passion are enough to take you on the path of becoming a successful business owner? Well-sorry, it’s not true. Talent and passion are only two out of the seven building blocks in creating a successful business. In Episode Three, Meg tells you all about them.

Today on Dream Weaver, Meg is going to tell you all about the seven most important pillars of building a successful business. What are those pillars? Well sure, it starts with talent and passion, but it doesn’t stop there. When building a business you must also focus on follow through, incredible delivery, enthusiasm, the ability to make people feel and committed organization. Meg speaks to each of these. Stay for the whole episode because at the end, Meg answers some questions that the producer of this podcast had. Do you have questions to ask Meg? Send them over to and we will try our best to answer them in a future episode.

Notes from the show:

There are seven major pillars to think about when building a successful business. They are:

  1. Talent

  2. Passion

  3. Follow Through

  4. Incredible Delivery

  5. Enthusiasm

  6. The ability to make people feel

  7. Committed organization

Follow through: consistency, dedication, integrity

  • A lot of business owners don’t fit into the category of 100% follow through

    • Consistency one day, none the next

    • Passion one week, none the next

    • Organization one month, none the next

  • Why is consistency so important?

    • If you’re building something you can’t be sloppy on some days, take a month off or deliver hardcore on other days

    • “Who you are as a business owner has to be dedicated to consistency. Your creativity has to be consistent. Your customer service has to be consistent. You have to follow through, which by the way, is also known as integrity.”

    • “Integrity-what you say you’re going to do and what you actually do, match. Your words and actions are in alignment”

  • What keeps us from follow through?

    • Personality?

      • If you don’t have consistent follow through, it’s something you need to learn.

      • All powerful business owners come in all different shapes and sizes but having dedication and consistent follow through is a non-negotiable.

    • Boredom?

  • What does Meg do to get through those days where tasks just aren’t exciting?

    • Create a schedule that supports that and create rituals around doing it.

      • She makes sure that she schedules the things she needs to get done, at time that she has high energy.

  • The more you commit to it, the better it will get. Just like a muscle.

  • Decide from the very beginning, what are these areas that I lack consistency? Write them down and then focus on creating habits that will allow you to master those things.

Incredible Delivery and Customer Service

  • Go listen to our first episode. Meg digs into all things customer service.

    • But while we are on this topic, TRACK THOSE REVIEWS FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Even if they’re just reviews from your mom or your friends. Collect those reviews!


  • “When you are trying to build something, you have to lead with inspiration. People will follow that. Yes they’ll follow you if they think you know what you’re doing, but mostly because they feel like it’s going to be fun to do so.”

  • How do you make sure you are compelling?

    • “Come at it with passion, high energy, and enthusiasm”

  • If you are at a meeting and acting bored, working in your shop and you don’t get up to greet your customer, you are acting in low energy and it is not compelling to your dream clients.

The ability to make people feel

  • “People will not remember what you did or what you said, they will remember always how you made them feel.”

  • First, figure out what feelings you are going after.

    • Inspiration?

    • Excitement?

    • Peace?

    • What am I trying to create through my product or service in terms of feelings and how can I create those feelings in the people around me?

  • Have you ever looked at a brand that is similar to yours and wondered, “How are they getting so many customers? How are they so busy?”

    • What are they doing right that I’m not getting at?

  • That person is probably making people feel something that is compelling them to come back.

  • Are you offering an experience that people want to be a part of?

Committed organization from the start

  • You may not have a lot of clients right in the beginning or you may not be rolling in the dough but act as if you are with the spreadsheets and the systems like asana and google drive, etc.

  • Maybe it's not the most exciting parts of the job? Then hire someone to help you do it.

  • Shout out to Marisa from the last episode. Listen to “Structure to Scale” for even more information on this topic.

  • The kinds of things that you can source out to an expert

    • Email inbox organization

    • Drop box organization

    • Calendar management

    • Systems set up

    • Optimizing strategy for growth

    • Customer connections and customer service experience

    • Client pipeline

    • Invoicing

    • Contracts

    • Social media

  • “You want to find someone who’s great at the things that are taking up a huge chunk of your time, that are not necessarily money makers for you”

  • Don’t pretend that you can do all of these things if you haven’t done them yet.

  • “Get honest with yourself about what you are actually doing currently, what you’ve actually done in the past, and then use that as a predictor, for the likelihood of you taking it on in the future.”


  • What are some tips for becoming more consistent? What are some exercises that people can do to get better at follow through?

    • We are addicted to saying yes, so much that we can’t actually reasonable deliver all that we say we are going to do.

    • A lot of the consistency and follow through starts with recognizing where you need to say no and having reasonable expectations about your time.

      • What do I actually have on my calendar this week?

    • When you get up everyday to work on your business, “Ask yourself, what can I do this morning, that can reduce results for me tonight?”

  • How do you combat those feelings of un-enthusiasm? Has there been anything in your business that you’ve been unenthusiastic about, and then realized ‘hmm maybe this isn’t serving the business’?”

    • YES! Meg has had many experiences where she would say yes to things and later think, “Oh my gosh! Why am I doing this?”

    • Some of it comes down to, “faking it until you make it.”

    • No, we don’t have to be a cheerleader everyday.

      • As humans we might have shitty days, and on those days it is really hard to be fully enthusiastic. But what you should commit to? Always be fully present.

  • The ability to make people feel...What are some tips for creating this experience or what are some examples of how you do it and how you’ve seen others do it?

    • “Making people feel is about allowing people to be themselves and feel seen by you.”

      • A lot of that is about listening and verbal affirmation while you’re listening, then the rest is responding to the needs you’ve just learned about through listening, so that the person feels like you heard them and you saw them.  

      • Take a minute to check in with your clients and say hey “How are you?” It’s kind of about being a good friend.

      • You connect with your clients differently than you connect with your closest friends and family in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways it is exactly the same.  Some people make the mistake of treating clients sooooo different than how you would treat a friend. It sometimes becomes very professional, very structured and all about boundaries. That makes the connection lose it’s heart. The business loses it’s soul.

        • “Small business owners are special because they’re small. We’re not the Gap, we’re not Walmart. We’re human beings interacting with other human beings and it should feel that way.”

  • Committed organization. Before you hired Marisa, how did you stay organized? For business owners that can’t afford to hire or pay someone, what systems and practices would you recommend?”

    • Invest in platforms

      • Zoom

      • Calendly and Accuity for scheduling

      • Canva for creating graphics

      • Google drive for basically everything, i.e., budgeting, projections, client pipelines,

      • Asana for task management

      • Honeybook or Dubsado for contracts and invoicing

    • “Before you can hire someone, invest in platforms that will increase your efficiency, youtube them, learn them and use them. Because those programs are only as good as your ability to consistently use them”

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